He Would Be So Happy!

I am 46 years old and tonight the Chicago Cubs are going to the World Series for the first time in 71 years.  I am a lifelong Cubs fan since I was born and have family in Illinois.  My grand dad loved them too and he passed in 2011.  He would be smiling tonight!


Moving Forward And Hope!

My appointment at USC urology has been moved forward from December 7th to November 17th so I hope healing will start moving faster.  I get a sense that when I meet my twin flame things will happen fast because I won’t have to say a word because she will understand me completely and we will just click.  She will blow me away with what she says and does from her heart.  I crave the optimism and spiritual connection of a Sagittarius.

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One Last Time!

Hugh Jackman has given his heart and soul to the character of Wolverine for almost the last twenty years and his final performance as the character looks amazing!  It’s got a western feel set in a distant future.


Keeping The Faith Again!

As I fight to get healthy the words of my second mom and spiritual advisor Sally ring in my head.  My twin flame will want to be close to me and touch me she will be very sexual and have a passionate but giving nature.  She will have a voice that makes me happy just hearing it.  She will be happiest when she is with me and I will be blissfully happy too.  I have a spiritual and physical type that I am attracted to…see my last blog entries.  No matter how much pain I am in I wont give up or settle for less.  She will understand my attitudes, fears and hopes.  I still want a new home in a walkable neighborhood like downtown Burbank or downtown Glendale and when I get healthy I will look for internships at Disney, hopefully Marvel.